Truck Loading & Unloading

Since the last 30 years Nandan has been helping companies improve their Truck Loading & Unloading practices. We have always been advocating social distancing by reducing the reliance on labor. In some cases 6 – 8 people have been replaced by 2 people with the help of our machines. We customize to your exact needs, so contact us for loading of packages , gunny bags , pallets , boxes as well as full containers.

Some Truck Loading Solution Clients:

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Few Truck Loading Solution Clients :

  • Single Scissor Lift

    Single Scissor Lift

    Perfect lifting solution for a range of applications, available in various sizes & weight capacities.

  • Heavy Duty Scissor Lift

    Heavy Duty Scissor Lift

    Explore our top-of-the-line Heavy Duty Scissor Lifts, ideal for industrial use in lifting heavy loads, including entire Truck Trailers with Containers.


    Hydraulic Column Tail Lift

    The ideal solution for medium & large commercial vehicles, providing efficient & safe loading/unloading

  • tail lift

    Hydraulic Tail Lift

    Upgrade your loading & unloading process, safety & speed with lifting capacities from 1000 KG to 2000 KG

  • Truck Loader

    Portable Truck Loading Platform

    Cost-effective innovation that eliminates the need for installations & revolutionizes the loading & unloading process


    Truck Mounted Crane

    Exceptional lifting performance, wide operational range, & unmatched safety features

  • Zero Height Scissor Lift

    Zero Height Scissor Lift

    These low height scissor lifts provide seamless loading for trucks & pallet trucks, with a minimum height of 50mm

  • Battery Operated Scissor Lift Table

    Battery Operated Scissor Lift Table

    Tailor-made engineering excellence for versatile & customized material handling solutions.

  • Tandem-Scissor

    Tandem Scissor Lift

    Lifting equipment engineered for effortless handling of oversized & heavy loads

  • Tail Lift

    Vayu Tail Lift

    A top-tier solution for medium to large commercial vehicles up to 2 tons GVW, ensuring efficient & safe material handling

  • Fixed Truck Loading platform

    Fixed Truck Loading Platform

    Simplify truck loading & unloading, eliminate the need for pits or ramps

  • Telescopic Conveyor

    Telescopic Conveyor

    Revolutionize factory operations with this efficient solution for effortless loading/unloading of trucks, containers, & trailers.



    Ideal solution for congested & compact work areas

  • loading

    Truck Loading Conveyor

    Streamline material handling in industrial settings with our efficient & rapid truck loading conveyors

  • Automatic Truck Loading Plate (ATLP)

    Automatic Truck Loading Plate (ATLP)

    Streamline cargo loading with our fully automated, state-of-the-art system, designed to optimize efficiency & eliminate manual labor

  • Nandan GSE - JCB Telehandler

    JCB Telehandler

    Lift, Load, Grab, Access with ease


    Customized Solutions

    We will design & manufacture equipment that are tailored to your specific needs

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