Zero Height Scissor Lift

Nandan’s Zero Scissor Lift (Zero Height Lift) is designed to lift products to an ergonomic working position, reducing operator bending. Products may be loaded and unloaded with the use of a standard hand pallet truck.

Nandan offers Customized Scissor Lifts for Film Shootings as per the requirements by clients.

Salient Features

Application Areas

Engineering /Pharma / Transport & Logistics Company, Food Processing Warehouse, Small Scale Industries

Product Video

Providing a zero scissor lift for a Gas cylinder manufacturer for fulfilling their heavy duty needs

  • A Gas logistics company contacted Nandan for their truck loading & unloading needs
  • They were having difficulty loading their gas cylinders onto the trucks 
  • Safety issues were arising due to the usage of manual labor 
  • The solution needed to be portable in nature as there was a tar road in the front & creating a pit was out of question
  • The solution needed to have a 1 Ton load bearing capacity

Case Study

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