Providing a zero scissor lift for a Gas cylinder manufacturer for fulfilling their heavy duty needs


  • A Gas logistics company contacted Nandan for their truck loading & unloading needs
  • They were having difficulty loading their gas cylinders onto the trucks 
  • Safety issues were arising due to the usage of manual labor 
  • The solution needed to be portable in nature as there was a tar road in the front & creating a pit was out of question
  • The solution needed to have a 1 Ton load bearing capacity


  • After carefully examining the site by our sales & design engineers Nandan gave the solution of a zero height scissor lift
  • The equipment would be flushed to the ground making loading & unloading easy
  • The cylinders could be loaded onto the zero scissor lift & then lifted to the truck bed height for ease of use
  • The equipment was portable in nature so that after usage it could be moved
  • Safety railings provided on two sides


  • Ease of use due to portability
  • Load bearing capacity of 1 Ton makes it possible to carry more load each time
  • Safety increased by 100% due to removal of manual labor
  • Truck loading & unloading made easy due to the equipment loading floor being flushed to the ground

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