Application Special Projects Nandan GSE over the years has made a lot of specialised applications which are unparalleled. What is to be seen here is the fact that we were given a challenge and we delivered many first time solutions. This page tries to document few of those instances.

Car Lift

Application Car Lift Coming Soon…


Application ASRS Nandan GSE designs and manufactures ASRS systems for variety of material storage. This is customized to your exact needs

Truck Loading & Unloading

Application Truck Loading & Unloading Nandan provides for the solutions for loading of trucks with Boxes, Pallets, Gunny Bags, Trays, Jumbo Bags, etc These are accomplished using a variety of methods. The criticality is that the trucks may not be completely homogenous and will have variance. The items too may be the same.

Man Lifting for Height Access

Application Man Lifting for Height Access Nandan can help to reach to heights where scaffolding is not possible or not feasable. The heights reachable