Our People

A company is as good as its people. Nandan GSE has been built from the ground up. Hence the management is close to all the employees. The company is family owned and operated. However, there is strong middle management with experience and domain expertise that is unparalleled. We invest heavily in our continuous learning. Nandan GSE has the policy to HIRE FOR ATTITUDE and TRAIN FOR SKILL!

Some key people in the organization are listed below

J C Kumar

Chairman and Managing Director

At the age of 70 years young, Mr JC Kumar (or Kumar Sahab as he is fondly known by employees, vendors and customers) is still dynamite.

Raghunandan Jagdish

CEO and Director

A graduate of the world famous Texas A&M University, Raghunandan Jagdish is as comfortable with designing cutting edge solutions for customers as he is with a strategy for productivity enhancement. After joining the business at a young age of 23, he worked up the ranks from all the departments and is today commanding the respect of the employees, vendors and customers alike. Customers have come to swear by the consultative approach where he takes on their problem as his own and solves them in the most elegant manner.

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