Vehicle Mounted Scissor Lift Enhances Aircraft Loading

What is a Vehicle Scissor Lift (VMSL)?

A vehicle mounted scissor lift is a type of mobile elevating work platform that is installed on the chassis of a vehicle, such as a truck or a trailer. This configuration allows for easy transportation and deployment of the lift to various locations. The “scissor” mechanism of the lift involves cross-hatching supports that expand and contract, allowing the platform to move vertically and provide access to high areas.

These lifts are commonly used for tasks like maintenance work, installation projects, or construction activities where height access is required. The mobility of the vehicle mounted scissor lift provides a versatile solution for accessing different sites without the need for multiple stationary lifts. Vehicle Mounted Scissor Lifts (VMSL) can be used for number of applications. The one that we are talking about today was used for loading and unloading articles into aircraft. It handles heavy payloads, ranging from 3 to 5 tons and up to 2 meters in dimension.


The customer was initially using a traditional method to load and unload heavy items, like bombs, into aircraft. This method was inefficient, requiring the use of separate, third-party cranes. The reliance on external cranes not only slowed down the operations but also significantly increased operational costs due to the need to rent these cranes. This setup was cumbersome and less effective for their specific needs.


Nandan GSE provided an innovative solution by introducing a Vehicle Mounted Scissor Lift (VMSL) equipped with an integrated crane. This custom-engineered VMSL was designed to address the specific needs of the client, enhancing efficiency in several ways:

  • Integration of Crane: By incorporating a crane with the VMSL, the system enabled direct lifting of heavy items from the ground onto the VMSL platform. This eliminated the need for separate crane rentals.
  • Hydraulic Lift System: The VMSL utilized a hydraulic system to raise the platform to the necessary height of the aircraft, facilitating easier and safer loading and unloading of heavy items directly into the aircraft.
  • On-board Winch System: The VMSL was also equipped with its own winch system, which was used to pull items onto the platform from the ground and to transfer them into the aircraft. This feature provided an additional layer of efficiency for both loading and unloading processes.

The solution provided by Nandan GSE led to several positive outcomes for the client:

  • Increased Efficiency: The integration of the crane with the Vehicle Mounted Scissor Lift (VMSL) streamlined the loading and unloading processes. The ability to lift heavy items directly onto the VMSL platform and then elevate them to the aircraft reduced the time spent on each operation.
  • Cost Reduction: By eliminating the need to rent external cranes, the client significantly reduced operational expenses. The integrated solution allowed for a one-time investment in the VMSL with a crane, which over time resulted in substantial cost savings.
  • Enhanced Safety: The hydraulic system and on-board winch of the VMSL ensured that heavy items could be securely handled and transported to the required height. This reduced the risk of accidents and damage to the cargo and equipment.
  • Operational Autonomy: The client gained greater independence in their operations, as they no longer depended on third-party services for lifting heavy items. This autonomy not only improved operational readiness but also allowed for more flexible scheduling and logistics management.

These results demonstrate the effectiveness of Nandan GSE’s consultative and innovative approach, leading to improved operational outcomes and customer satisfaction.

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