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Heavy Duty Scissor Lift


Heavy Duty Scissor Lift

The Heavy Duty Scissor Lift is an ideal solution for industries in which handling of bulk materials is a necessity. Unloading of minerals, grains, raw materials for factories etc. are ideal use cases. Minimal human involvement in the material handling process immediately ensures a less hazardous, safer environment to work in.

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Nandan GSE is a leading designer & manufacturer of Scissor Lifts in India. The Heavy Duty Scissor Lift is the top-of-the-line solution in Scissor Lifts, with the power to lift entire Truck Trailers with Containers for ease of loading or unloading.

Salient Features

  • Designed & engineered to carry bulk loads of upto 40,000 kg
  • Factor of safety 3 in all mechanical components
  • Safety features in the equipment make it an accident-free environment
  • High Strength steel maximises the load stability and extends the life of lift
  • Pilot check valve stops the lift in case of any untoward incident
  • Chrome plated cylinders with high strength pins give load strength and long life.
  • Emergency hand pump helps in operation in case of power failure