We manufacture specialised equipment for rail yard operations, including railcar movers, railcar positioning systems, and locomotive support equipment. These equipment facilitate the movement and positioning of railcars within the yard, optimising operational efficiency and reducing manual labour.

Some Railways Industry Clients:

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Few Railways Industry Products :

  • Single Scissor Lift

    Single Scissor Lift

    Perfect lifting solution for a range of applications, available in various sizes & weight capacities.

  • Heavy Duty Scissor Lift

    Heavy Duty Scissor Lift

    Explore our top-of-the-line Heavy Duty Scissor Lifts, ideal for industrial use in lifting heavy loads, including entire Truck Trailers with Containers.


    Truck Mounted Crane

    Exceptional lifting performance, wide operational range, & unmatched safety features


    Towable Scissor Lift

    Efficient & safe access to elevated workspaces with impressive height, capacity, & mobility

  • Self-Propelled-Scissor

    Self Propelled Scissor Lift

    Ideal solution for your vertical movement needs

  • Battery Operated Scissor Lift Table

    Battery Operated Scissor Lift Table

    Tailor-made engineering excellence for versatile & customized material handling solutions.


    Customized Solutions

    We will design & manufacture equipment that are tailored to your specific needs

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