Aerial Work Platform For Safety & Improving Productivity

In the bustling world of steel manufacturing, where safety and productivity intersect, a leading steel manufacturer in Hazira faced a challenge. Their daily operation of loading wooden blocks between layers of steel pipes onto trucks was fraught with risks and inefficiencies. Traditional methods, like the use of ladders, led to accidents and productivity losses. Recognizing the need for a safer, more efficient solution, they embarked on a search for innovation. This search led them to the implementation of an Aerial Work Platform (AWP), a groundbreaking solution that promised to redefine their operational standards and ensure the utmost safety of their workforce. This case study leads us into their journey towards leveraging the Aerial Work Platform, showcasing its significant impact on enhancing safety and productivity in their operations.


A leading steel manufacturer, known for their world-class manufacturing plant in Hazira, prioritizes safety above all. As the largest manufacturer of steel pipes, supplying various industries, they operate a busy loading yard. Daily, 40-50 trucks are loaded here. The process involves placing wooden blocks between two layers of steel pipes for stabilization, a practice repeated across multiple levels. Traditionally, ladders were used for climbing to the second layer on the trucks, which led to accidents causing human injury. This unsafe practice, coupled with manual handling, increased the risk of slipping. The company sought a safe and reliable solution to enhance both safety and productivity in the loading of wooden blocks.

Self Propelled Aerial Work Platform - Nandan GSE


The company approached Nandan for a solution to prevent accidents. Upon visiting the Hazira plant and assessing the situation, Nandan proposed a customized solution—an Aerial Work Platform (AWP). Designed specifically for the task, Nandan’s AWP facilitates the safe and efficient placement of wooden blocks on steel pipes at a height of 5.5m, with a carrying capacity of 400kg. This self-propelled AWP includes a drive arrangement in the bucket, ensuring easy maneuverability and increased safety for operators.


The implementation of the Aerial Work Platform significantly improved safety measures during the loading of wooden blocks. Accidents were eliminated, leading to a safer working environment. Moreover, the AWP enabled quicker loading operations, enhancing productivity. The loading Turnaround Time (TAT) decreased, demonstrating the AWP’s effectiveness in streamlining operations while prioritizing safety. This case study exemplifies how innovative solutions like the Aerial Work Platform can transform industrial practices, ensuring safety and boosting productivity simultaneously.

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