Commodities and Grains

By providing tools for bulk material handling, storage, loading, unloading, packaging, maintenance, Nandan GSE has been able to optimise material flow, protect product quality and ensure the proper handling and transportation of commodities & grains throughout the supply chain.

Some Commodities & Grains Industry Clients:

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Few Commodities & Grains Industry Products:

  • lift

    Double Scissor Lift

    Dual scissor mechanism, capable of lifting 500kg to 30 tons up to 13m in height

  • Hydraulic Goods Lift

    Hydraulic Goods Lift

    Customizable & reliable solution for seamless material lifting across multiple floors

  • Single Scissor Lift

    Single Scissor Lift

    Perfect lifting solution for a range of applications, available in various sizes & weight capacities.

  • Drum Handler

    Drum Handler

    Advanced drum & barrel handling solutions, including electric & fully electric drum stackers


    Towable Scissor Lift

    Efficient & safe access to elevated workspaces with impressive height, capacity, & mobility

  • Battery Operated Scissor Lift Table

    Battery Operated Scissor Lift Table

    Tailor-made engineering excellence for versatile & customized material handling solutions.

  • Multi Scissor Lift

    Multi Scissor Lift

    Lifting solution for versatile applications, including overhead electrical works, AC duct fixing, & tall equipment maintenance


    Customized Solutions

    We will design & manufacture equipment that are tailored to your specific needs

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