Hydraulic Goods Lift

Hydraulic Goods Lift

Nandan’s Hydraulic Goods Lift  is a simple, robust and versatile lift for handling loads up to 5000kg between two floors in warehouses, factories, stores and workshops.

We also provide customisation on goods lift as per customer need to get rid of problems.

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Nandan manufacturers Hydraulic Goods lift which is highly reliable and are custom made as per requirement and are designed for as small as 500kg to as big as 5ton for lifting of the material from one floor to another at different levels. We supply hydraulic and mechanical goods lift depending on the suitability to the site.

Nandan’s Hydraulic Goods lift can be installed without any lift-shaft or overhead room unlike a conventional lift. The use of synthetic spun web belt instead of wire ropes make it more safe robust and reliable. The mounting of cylinders, placing of power pack etc makes it easy for maintenance of the equipment.

Options for Ordering:

  • Cage on the platform
  • Capacity 500kg to 5000kg
  • Sliding gates/railing

Salient Features

  1. Smooth belt movement make lifting of heavy load between various floors
  2. Reliable and quality solution
  3. Factor of Safety 3 in all mechanical equipment
  4. Customised in capacity from 500 to 5000 kg
  5. Service accessibility is quicker
  6. Enclosure customisation can be done
  7. safety valves ensure avoiding accident while operation is going on.
  8. Saving time and improve safety environment

Application Areas:  

Warehouse Ports, Container stuffing or destuffing, Packaging Industries, Food Processing unit