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Puzzle Parking System


Puzzle Parking System

Nandan’s Puzzle Parking System, an fully automated parking solution with vertical allocation of parking lots and vertical movement of lifts, is ideal to maximize parking in narrow plots.

These systems are well suited for installation in stilts & underground basement one next to the other side by side. These systems can be extendable horizontally.

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NANDAN’s Multilevel Puzzle Parking System offers a series of Horizontal and Vertical movement of pallets to accommodate multiple cars in the puzzle like structure within the available parking area. This is an independent system, unlike the stack parking system and is fully automatic. These are self-supporting structures which are operated through Programmable Logic Controls (PLC). Parking is possible from 2 to 6 levels above the ground or a combination of both above ground and underground.

Salient Features

  • High operational fluency
  • Longer service life
  • Independent parking
  • Motor- Chain operated Sliding Mechanism
  • PLC control easy operation push button
  • Lifting with chain for 2 levels & for 3 to 6 level wire rope is used.
  • Built in drop-protection prevents failure and accidents.
  • Emergency stop push button
  • Cost effective & low maintenance.
  • Fast & Energy efficient.
  • Tailored to suit most buildings, above or below ground.
  • Undercover and secure means of parking
  • Space effective
  • User-friendly system