Installing a drive way car turntable for movement of cars in tight parking spaces for a residential cum corporate complex


  • A residential cum corporate complex approached Nandan regarding a nagging issue that they were facing in their complex for parking their cars
  • They had a very narrow & tight turning radius inside their complex for the cars to turn
  •  It was almost impossible to turn the car without reversing multiple times & the time & effort taken was too much.


  • Nandan gave the ideal solution of a car turn table
  • An easy & perfect fit in the tight space where the cars needed to turn
  • Provided a 3 Ton car turn table which would cater to all segments of cars be it small or big for a hassle free operation
  • The remote was given at a distance at the security cabin so that the security personnel could easily operate the turn table as & when any car arrived or left.


  • Perfect fit in the corner of the complex flushed to the ground for aesthetics.
  • Easy wireless controller for operations to be done from a distance through the security cabin.
  • Smooth & reliable working of the turntable saved time & effort.

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