Rotary Parking System

The Challenges

Nandan was invited by Kamala Builders & Developers (India First made in India Rotary parking system), Mumbai (MH) for providing the solution for park 10 cars as space only two cars.

They were concerned about the Automated vertical parking system for a park at least 10 cars in little space.

Save time and effort by using automation and not doing it manually.

Type: Rotary parking system (RCP x 10-Seedan)
Location: India

Nandan Impact

Observation :

All Multi-level parking system takes at least 4 to 5 cars space, Taking more time and for a store and retrieve the cars.

Also using ropes and chain reduces the stability of the system. Every parking solution need operator for the operates the system, that increases the operational cost of the system.

Suggested options: Suggested solution from Nandan was for Rotary parking system for park 10 cars in just space of 2 cars. But one challenge was there which is to make a user-friendly operation for neglect the operator cost.

Focus area:

Reduction of Operator and time while store and retrieve and make it safely. Customized Software for easy operation, and minimize the operating cost.


NGSE interacted with the client and came up with the solution. A scissor platform was mounted on a vehicle chassis to reach the various parts of the aircraft for carrying out maintenance activities it was simple in design to carry out operation as well as maintenance .All safety aspects related with interfacing the aircraft were provided to prevent any damage to the aircraft while carrying out maintenance activities.


First made in India rotary parking system.

  • Small footprint, Install Anywhere
  • Park 6-14 cars in space of 2 cars.
  • No attendance, Low maintenance, Longer service interval.
  • Easy to Install, Use, Operate & Maintain.
  • Zero risks for human and cars, the system can be stopped instantly.

This system was designed and manufactured in safe and ergonomic route and as per India, as well as Nandan Standards and the equipment, had all safety characteristics to meet customer compliance.


  • A capacity of each pallet: 3000 Kg
  • Car capacity: 6 to 14 cars
  • Pallet Dimension : 5000 mm x 2000 mm.
  • Suitable for: Seedan as well as SUVs cars
  • Overall Dimensions: 6500 mm x 5500 mm x(Height depends on No. of cars)


Rotary car parking system for 10 cars

  • Organization: Kamala builders & Developers
  • Product: Rotary car parking system(sedan model)
  • Address: 2nd Floor, Kamala House, Kamala City, Tulsi Pipe Rd, Lower Parel West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013