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Flight Catering Hi Lift


Flight Catering Hi Lift

Catering Hi Lift as used by clients throughout India, Asia and Africa are very popular. The emphasis on sturdy design, reliability, top notch fabrication finesse and most importantly the economy. More than 900 Hi Lifts are in service with clients around the world.

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Flight kitchens around the Indian subcontinent have come to depend on NANDAN to provide Hi-Lifts (Catering Truck High Loader or Food Loader Truck) that are the mainstay here. A wide variety of chassis, designs, ancillary features, customization and functionality have led to immense popularity of NANDAN Hi-Lifts.

With more than 1000 Hi-Lifts in reliable service all around India and elsewhere, NANDAN services about 95% of the Hi-Lift market in India. We have also supplied Hi-Lifts for our international clientele. The Hi-Lift embodies our spirit of innovation as we have improved versions almost every year and we will tailor make these to your exacting specifications and needs.
It’s light weight, portable & quick to setup it provides a versatile option for accessing heights  and carry out maintenance applications  at heights in a safe &  efficient manner.

We are also now looking for bodybuilders in Middle East, America and Europe to integrate our kits locally there

Salient Features

  • Full cabin (2700 to 600mm), Half Cabin (1600 to 6000mm)
  • With insulated or non insulated bodies,
  • Chassis (16 tone GVW or 11tone GVW),
  • Heavy Duty Hydraulic System, ergonomic control systems, FRP bodies will make NANDAN an integral part of your Hi Lift fleet.
  • Catering Champ, Catering Superstar and Catering Petite are the three most popular models in operations subsequent to which customization of your choice can be made.
  • We can provide on turn key basis the chassis of your choice, as also taking up comprehensive AMC.


  • Catering Petite: This economical Hi Lift for regional aircraft from ATR to A320 (covering 40% of worlds airline fleet) is designed to augment the domestic handling by flight kitchens. Mounted on a 11 ton GVW chassis and having platform height of 1.5m to 5m with a payload of 2000 kg this is truely a revelation for economics of in-flight catering.
  • Catering Superstar: With height access from 1.65 m to 6m this half cabin Hi Lift is suitable for all aircrafts except the A380 Upper Deck. It is a versatile 3000 kg payload lift which has a four way moving platform.
  • Catering Champ: Full cabin with capacity to seat upto 4 people in the cabin and catering a 3000 kg payload to heights from 2.7m to 6m the catering champ is the most popular Hi Lift in Asia.
  • Catering Titan: The “worlds largest Hi Lift” is indeed suitable for that description true to its name. It can raise upto 8.3 m and take loads of 3000 kg. Having automatic transmission, refrigeration, and fully automated PLC system, this unit is ready to take your business to new heights!! We are only the 8th company in the world to make this product.

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