Car Turntables

Nandan manufactures a variety of auto promotion and auto display equipment, including, car display ramps, rotating auto turntables, driveway turntable or garage turntable for car parking garage & car showrooms, NANDAN’s garage and driveway car turntables are an attractive solution for tight or restrictive site conditions where as NANDAN’s Display Turntables are universally recognized as an effective selling tool in the showroom. Movement increases sales, quite simply by creating the excitement of a motor show in the display area.


Application Areas

Our Client Benchmark Motors, is a Renault dealership in a mall in Mumbai. They approached Nandan in search of a car Turntable which would give great boost to the aesthetics of the showroom to showcase their class leading cars for their esteemed clients.

There were some of space constraints & Quality was of top priority as the showroom was one of the key highlights inside the mall.

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