Turn Table for a Car Dealership


Nandan was approached for a car Turntable by a reputed car dealer brand for the purpose of giving a great boost to the aesthetics of their showroom to showcase their class leading cars for their esteemed clients.

There were some space constraints & Quality was definitely of top priority as the showroom was one of the key highlights inside the mall.

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The Solution

We provided the perfect Turntable for them which was Space Efficient , had the best Quality possible & Designed keeping in mind Aesthetics as one of the top Priorities. It used up minimal space and was flushed to the ground to keep a uniform ground level for easy access to the car for the clients to View. The Turntable rotates 360 degrees continuous in both directions so that the car is highlighted in all the possible angles.

Key Results

  • Improved aesthetics of the Dealership.
  • Car is Highlighted from every angle.
  • Easier for Ingress & Egress of cars in the Showroom as the turntable is inside a pit.

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