Single Scissor Car Lift

Nandan offers wide range of car scissor lifts that are the perfect choice for those customers who have limited bay space or restricted height in their garage or service department. Nandan manufactures a complete line of full rise, low rise, and mid rise Single Scissor Car Lift with wide variety of sizes and weight capacities.

These commercial grade scissor lifts are the ideal choice for Homeowner, Car dealership, or body shop allows the mechanic to have complete access to all sides of the car for maintenance work.

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The NANDAN’s Single Scissor comes in a wide variety of sizes and weight capacities, We are one of the renowned manufacturers and exporters of Single Scissor Lift that finds it applications in diverse applications like car lifts, painting booth add-ons, welding automation, in-plant product storage and transfer, dock lifts and freight lifts. It is designed with high quality standardized material which provides an innovative and cost effective lifting solution.

Smooth lifting up and down, optimized powerpack, pilot check valves on the cylinders are some of the USPs which makes it unique from others.

Salient Features

Case Study for Car Scissor Lift For Over Head Parking

One of the issues that NANDAN has been working on for some time is to offer maximum comfort level & cost effectiveness for small high loaders while in operation,
NANDAN tried using different chassis from top notch manufacturers but at the end comfort, capacity & cost of operation was still a problem.

Client: Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited
Location: Mumbai, India
Product Class: Single Scissor Car Lift
Type: Standard

Case Study

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