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Cantilever Car Lift


Cantilever Car Lift

NANDAN’s Cantilever Car Lift is one of the most economical car lifting solutions for those who are having space constraints, This lift is designed with customized beams that are attached to the walls makes it more compact to lift the carload up to 5 tons at up to 30m height.

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Nandan GSE designs and manufactures Cantilevered Car parking lifts that are capable of vertical travel up to 30m or 8 floors. In this design, the customized beams are attached to the walls and anchored on the floor beams. There is a hydraulic cylinder – single stage or telescopic which is then magnified using a series of belts for the lifting of the platform.

Some of the reasons why this type may be used in a site are.

  • The pit area is less than 400mm deep
  • There is no headroom or machine room on the top
  • Height is less than 30m and more than 3m (1 floor)
  • Capacity up to 5 tons

Salient Features

  • No Machine Room Needed
  • Suitable for heights up to 30m
  • Capacity up to 5 tons
  • Maintenance Free Operation
  • Low Cost
  • Compact in Size
  • Back up Operation after the power failure.

The Typical Specification is

  • Travel height: Up to 30m
  • The speed of travel: 6 m/min
  • Platform Size: 5m x 2.5m, Standard
  • Shaft area/ area of installation: 6m x 3m, Standard
  • Powerpack size: 10 to 25 HP depending on parameters

Customizable Features

  • Doors can be automated
  • Platform size design as per requirement
  • Cooler in powerpack for very heavy usage
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Cage on platform
  • Lights and fan
  • VFD for smoother operations
  • Screen touch panel for operation