Aviation GSE Program 2022


Join Us at the 24th Annual GHI Conference

With Dr. Raghunandan Jagdish - 28th to 30th November

Nandan GSE Shines at the 24th GHI Conference!

Nandan GSE participated at 24th Annual GHI Conference in Lisbon, Portugal—an event hosted by The Ground Handling International, uniting over 900 delegates from across the globe. Our presence made a resounding impact on the international platform, showcasing Nandan GSE as a premier GSE Manufacturer from India, synonymous with top-notch quality and exceptional value.

During this gathering, we fostered new connections while strengthening existing ones, transforming competitors into collaborators and expanding our global reach. The event provided invaluable insights into the global marketplace, where Nandan GSE stood tall among industry giants, gaining a competitive edge and knowledge that propels us forward.

Capturing Moments

Nandan GSE's Spotlight at the GHI Conference

Experience the vibrant journey of Nandan GSE at the prestigious 24th GHI Conference! Step into our world as we showcase our standout presence, forging connections, and making an impact at this global event. Explore the moments that define our commitment to excellence and innovation in the ground support equipment industry. Join us as we share the highlights of our remarkable journey in Lisbon, Portugal.

Ground Handling Conference - Africa

Dr. Raghunandan Jagdish Gives a Talk at
GHI Africa

Nandan GSE brought its vibrant energy to GHI Africa 2023, painting the event with our commitment to redefine ground support equipment. Dr. Raghunandan Jagdish, our visionary leader, took the stage, sparking conversations that lit up the room with fresh ideas for industry innovation and sustainability. Our team didn’t just attend—we connected, mingled, and forged bonds that promise exciting collaborations ahead. Sharing our expertise, we showed our passion for shaping the future of GSE solutions across Africa.


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