6 Ways To Improve Productivity, Efficiency, Safety & Profits!

Unlocking India's Manufacturing Potential: Challenges, Opportunities, & Road map for Growth.

Key Takeaways

Understanding the Manufacturing Landscape in India

Gain insights into the current state of the manufacturing sector in India, including its contribution to the economy, major industries, and key challenges that have hindered growth.

Exploration of Cutting-Edge Technologies

Discover the latest advancements in the field of material handling, & how Nandan GSE incorporates innovative solutions to create more streamlined & effective processes.

Expert Q&A Session

Get your most pressing questions answered by our team of experts, who are passionate about propelling India's industries towards greater heights.

Sharing Real-world Case Studies

Hear real-world case studies showcasing how Nandan GSE's equipment has transformed material handling operations for various industries.

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Let's Hear Out Some of The Success Stories

Hosted By

Dr. Raghunandan Jagdish, PhD. CEO & MD

Dr. Raghunandan Jagdish, a trailblazer in the field, will share his unique perspective gained from leading Nandan GSE, a global leader in manufacturing material handling equipment. Drawing from his M. Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University, USA, and his extensive experience, he will unveil the strategies that empower businesses to flourish in an ever-evolving landscape.

Join us as Dr. Raghunandan Jagdish takes center stage in this webinar, offering insights that only a true industry expert can provide.

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