Tower Parking System

Nandan’s Tower Parking, an fully automated parking solution with vertical allocation of parking lots and vertical movement of lifts, is ideal to maximize parking in narrow plots.

In tower parking system the central robotic unit only move in vertical direction. and parks the car on both sides. The greatest advantage of the system is that, it can be constructed as attached to an existing building without causing any vibration or noise to the main building.

Also this module has rotary mechanism at the bottom to rotate the car 180 degrees to drive the car directly forward.

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An Automatic Tower Parking System from NANDAN is always the right choice if little floor space is available. Instead of expanding in width, the tower systems moves upward or downward – your vehicle is moved via elevator to a free parking space, where it is safely parked.

The system provides 25 parking levels and 1 to 6 parking spaces per level allowing parking spaces for up to 50 cars on minimum floor space.

From standard cars to SUVs – the NANDAN’s Automated Tower Parking Solution recognizes the height of your vehicle and finds the suitable parking space. In addition to standard car dimensions and weights.

Please Note:  Customized parking solutions are possible upon request & geographical area.

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