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Tandem Scissor Lift


Tandem Scissor Lift

Nandan’s Tandem Scissor Lift is ideal choice when there is a need for a large platform surface. This design gives even loading and stable movement. Control of the scissors are synchronized so that the platform raises uniformly and parallel.

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The Tandem Scissor Lift configuration is ideal for handling long and heavy loads. The back to back set of scissor arms gives the scissor lift the stability to handle several type of loads. Loads may include heavy equipment, automotive assemblies, wood, furniture and other longer loads.

In house designing and analysis of scissor lift for carrying oversized load efficiently. High strength booming cylinders having hard chromed plated with high thrust lifting make the process more safely and effectively.

It enables flexibility in handling of oversized loads in safely and efficiently without using of unsafe equipment. It helps in reduction of labour, time period while increasing the accuracy and productivity in comparison doing by other way.

Salient Features

  • High cycle packages
  • Multiple power unit options
  • Limit switches
  • Central lubrication port system available
  • Fitted with fixed handrails and chain rails
  • Efficient and highly serviceable hydraulic power unit.
  • Chrome plated cylinder with high strength pins give load strength and long life.
  • High Strength steel maximize the load stability and extends the life of the lift.
  • Factor of safety 3 in all mechanical components