Delivering a Goods Lift for a Textile Industry client for improving their Safety & Productivity


  • A textile products manufacturer who made products like bathroom mats, rugs, bedsheets etc. wanted to improve their material handling efficiency.
  • They needed to improve safety in a big way & have less dependency on manual labor 
  • They were previously using an electric lift for their material handling needs but were unhappy due to frequent break downs.
  • They were on the verge of repairing their old lift when they approached Nandan for a consultation for improving their factory efficiency.


  • Our expert sales engineers carried out a detailed site inspection & suggested a new hydraulic goods lift instead of repairing the old electric lift.
  • We proposed heavy duty hydraulic goods lifts for all their material handling requirements.
  • Nandan successfully installed 9 lifts according to the clients requirements strategically for improved efficiency in the organization.
  • We provided 3 Ton and 5 Ton goods lifts with automated telescopic landing gates for safe operation & efficient operations.


  • Increase in safety & productivity exponentially
  • Reliable material handling solutions for less downtime
  • Faster processes due to automation

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