Design and manufacture of India's largest Heavy Duty Scissor Lift.


In aerospace engineering and manufacturing, precision and reliability in heavy lifting equipment are paramount. An aerospace client needed a Heavy Duty Scissor Lift.

We took on a challenging project that not only showcased their engineering prowess but also their commitment to delivering highly customized solutions.

This case study delves into the challenges faced, the innovative solutions provided, and the key results achieved in designing a Heavy Duty Scissor Lift for an aerospace client in India.

Client: Aerospace
Location: India
Product Class: Heavy Duty Scissor Lift
Type: Highly Customized

The Challenge

An aerospace client based in the USA, with operations extending to India, approached Nandan GSE with a unique requirement. They needed a scissor lift platform with extensive specifications – a platform size of 14m x 8m, capable of lifting a height of 7m, and a lifting capacity of 7 tons. The requirement was not just for any scissor lift but one that was highly customized to meet the rigorous demands of aerospace applications.


In response to this challenging request, Nandan GSE Pvt Ltd embarked on designing a customized scissor lift work platform that not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations. The final product was a marvel of engineering:

  • Platform Specifications: The heavy duty scissor lift boasted a massive platform measuring 14m x 8m, equipped with a customized layout and electrical systems. This was designed to ensure the lift could handle a variety of aerospace equipment and components with ease.

  • Lifting Capacity and Height: While the initial requirement was a lifting height of 7m and a capacity of 7 tons, the heavy duty scissor lift impressively lifted a 5.5-ton load and elevated it by 5.5m from the resting position. This achievement demonstrated Nandan’s capability to deliver robust solutions tailored to specific needs.

  • Safety and Standards Compliance: Safety is a critical aspect, especially in aerospace applications. Nandan ensured that the heavy duty scissor lift was built according to both Indian and Nandan standards, incorporating ATEX ratings for the ultimate user safety and product reliability.

  • Innovative Design: The heavy duty scissor lift was designed as a dual scissor set with a single platform. This design incorporated a feedback mechanism to synchronize the lift’s movement. Remarkably, the lift achieved reliable synchronization even with point loading on one side, showcasing Nandan’s innovative approach to engineering challenges.


Nandan GSE not only tendered and won the contract but also delivered a product that stands as a testament to their engineering excellence and commitment to customization. The heavy duty scissor lift provided the client with a highly reliable, safe, and efficient solution for lifting heavy aerospace components. The project underscored Nandan’s ability to tackle and overcome the unique challenges presented by clients in specialized industries.

In conclusion, this case study exemplifies how Nandan GSE Pvt Ltd continues to lead the way in ground support equipment solutions, with a keen focus on innovation, safety, and customization. Through their adept handling of the project’s challenges and their delivery of a highly specialized scissor lift, Nandan has once again proven their expertise and value in the aerospace sector.

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