Nandan GSE’s Customised Scissor Lift for Textile Industry


In a groundbreaking project, Nandan GSE developed a Customised Scissor Lift specifically tailored for a textile industry client engaged in manufacturing bathroom mats, rugs, and bedsheets. This case study explores the innovative approach taken by Nandan GSE to address the unique challenges of the client, detailing the bespoke solution provided and the impactful results achieved.


Being a leader in textile exports, the client’s primary challenge was to enhance productivity & safety in their newly set up FG warehouse. Their existing setup involved handling multiple trucks in a day with significant manual effort, leading to inefficiencies and elevated safety risks. The crucial requirement was a solution that could adapt to varying truck sizes and handle substantial loads with precision and reliability.


Nandan GSE’s response was a bespoke scissor lift design, meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of the textile industry. Key features of this custom solution included:

Wireless Remote Control

The inclusion of a wireless remote control provided operators with the flexibility to control the lift from a safe distance. This feature significantly increased the safety of the operator, reducing the risk of accidents associated with close proximity to the moving lift.

Integrated Power Pack with Control Panel

This feature centralized the power source and controls for the lift, allowing for more streamlined and efficient operation. It simplified the operator’s interaction with the lift, enhancing both ease of use and safety.

Pit Mounted Design

The scissor lift was designed to be mounted in a pit, which meant it could be seamlessly integrated into the existing workspace without occupying additional floor space. This design also allowed for a level platform with the ground, making the loading and unloading process smoother and more efficient.

Optimal Lifting Height of 1800 mm

The lift was engineered to reach a height of 1800 mm, making it versatile enough to cater all types of trucks commonly used in the industry. This feature ensured that the lift could cater to a wide range of loading and unloading requirements.

Hydraulic Flap for Easy Truck Loading

A hydraulic flap was incorporated into the design to facilitate a smooth transition of goods from the lift to the truck and vice versa. This feature minimized potential damage to goods during loading and unloading & bridged the gap, while also improving the overall efficiency of the operation.

5 Ton Lifting Capacity

The lift was capable of handling loads up to 5 tons at its full lifting height of 1800 mm. This capacity was critical for meeting the heavy-duty requirements of the textile industry, ensuring that the lift could handle large volumes of goods with ease.

Expansive Platform Size (7.5m x 4m)

The large platform size allowed for the accommodation of a wide variety of goods sizes and shapes, providing the flexibility needed for quick & dynamic loading process. This size ensured that the lift could handle large batches of goods, maximizing productivity and reducing turnaround time.

4 Booster Cylinders

The inclusion of four booster cylinders ensured a smooth and stable lifting motion. This was crucial for the safe handling of delicate textile products, as it minimized jolts and sudden movements that could potentially cause damage.


The implementation of Nandan GSE’s Customised Scissor Lift led to transformative outcomes:

  1. Significant Improvement in Safety: The automated and controlled operations of the lift markedly reduced workplace accidents and injuries.
  2. Reduced Dependency on Manual Labor: The efficient handling of goods by the scissor lift minimized the need for manual intervention, leading to a more streamlined workflow.
  3. Increased Operational Efficiency: The custom features of the lift, like its wireless control and hydraulic flap, expedited the loading and unloading process, leading to time and cost savings.
  4. Adaptability to Various Truck Sizes: The lift’s design accommodated different truck sizes, making the process standardized and efficient.
  5. Improved Turnaround Time (TAT): The integration of the customised scissor lift significantly improved the speed of operations, resulting in faster turnaround times for loading and unloading tasks.


Nandan GSE’s Customised Scissor Lift solution exemplifies their commitment to innovation and their ability to meet specific client needs in the material handling sector. By addressing the unique challenges of the textile industry with a bespoke, high-performing solution, Nandan GSE not only enhanced operational efficiency and safety but also reinforced their position as a leader in specialized material handling solutions.

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