Catering Titan for the Upper Deck of the A380

The Challenges

The A 380 is the worlds largest aircraft. To cater to the upper deck, there was the requirement for a special Hi Lift. Nandan was one of the handful manufacturers in the world who did the execution of this special product.

Client: NA
Location: NA
Product Class: Catering Hi-Lift
Type: Highly Customized

Nandan Impact


Nandan GSE designed and delivered this equipment with the ergonomics of operations in mind as per exact requirement for the customer .Catering Hi Lift emphasis on sturdy design, reliability, top notch fabrication finesse and most importantly the economy. More than 500 Hi Lifts are in service with clients around the world.


Key Results

Nandan GSE successfully designed and manufactured the “worlds largest Hi Lift” is indeed suitable for that description true to its name. It can raise upto 8.3 m and take loads of 3000 kg. Having automatic transmission, refrigeration and fully automated PLC system, this unit took business to new heights!! We are only the 8th company in the world to make this product.