Nandan GSE & AIESL Partnership:
Epitome of Make In India

Nandan GSE, a leading provider of ground support equipment, is thrilled to announce its successful partnership with AIESL (Air India Engineering Services Limited). The latest achievement in this collaboration is the Scissor Lift for the GEnx-1B Engine, strategically installed in Nagpur. This cutting-edge equipment, designed, manufactured, and installed by Nandan GSE Private Limited, stands as a testament to the spirit of Make In India.

The Scissor Lift for GEnx-1B Engine

The Scissor Lift, has been built for Safran Test Cells, reflecting Nandan GSE’s commitment to delivering top-notch solutions. Its installation at the AIESL facility in Nagpur marks a significant milestone in the ongoing partnership between Nandan GSE and AIESL.

Make In India Excellence

We are delighted to report that the Scissor Lift, after its installation, continues to operate flawlessly. Its performance is a testament to the meticulous design, precision manufacturing, and seamless installation carried out by the Nandan GSE team. The reliable performance of the equipment highlights the quality associated with Make In India products.

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