Truck Mounted Manlift provided to an airline for their aircraft fleet maintenance


  • A reputed airline approached Nandan for a heavy duty equipment
  • They needed an equipment for regular maintenance of their fleet of aircrafts
  • The challenge was to fit an equipment on a smaller sized vehicle like the TATA 407
  • The equipment should be able to lift a max load of up to 1 ton
  • It should be able to reach a height of 10m
  • It should be sturdy enough so that service personnel can work on the raised platform with maximum safety without safety concerns


  • Nandan suggested a Truck mounted manlift for their aircraft maintenance issues
  • The equipment was such that the max capacity of the whole equipment was under the 3 ton mark which prevented the issue of the vehicle toppling as it was a TATA 407 vehicle
  • Max load bearing capacity of 1 ton at a maximum height of 10m
  • A gate with gas springs surrounded by railings were provided for additional safety
  • Buzzers & hooters were given for additional safety


  • Ease of operations due to less height restrictions
  • Stable & safe working environment
  • Reliable machinery resulting in no downtime
  • Increased safety for aircraft maintenance crew

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