Truck Loading of Paper Rolls at Multiple Levels

Customized Sliding and Tilting platform for loading Paper roll into Truck

The Challenges

Nandan was invited by International Paper (USA and India Joint venture Paper manufacturer), Rajahmundry (AP) for providing the solution for loading the paper rolls into the truck at the second level.

They were concerned about the easy loading into the truck without using other Unsafe equipment which leads to accidents and loss of material.  Unusability of Forklift in trucks for loading. Save time and effort by using automation and not doing it manually.

Type: Customised Scissor lift
Location: India

Nandan Impact

Observation :

Manual handling of paper rolls into a truck due to inconvenience in loading through forklift. It was difficult to load the material at a second level. Due to heavy rolls, it is unable to handle by a person.

Suggested Options:  Suggested solution from Nandan was for a single scissor lift for loading at the second layer in a truck. But one challenge was there which is to do the loading inside the truck. So we gave a solution for sliding and tilting platform solution.

Focus area:

Reduction of labor and time while loading trucks and make it safely. Customized Equipment with sliding and tilting platform make the loading easy.


Nandan figured out the correct need of the customer and gave them a solution which they accepted it and provided an opportunity to make it. Customized scissor lift which is used for loading the trucks. The maximum height of  3000 mm helps to load the rolls at double layers in the truck and make it easy.

Nandan’s customized scissor lift is designed in such a way that it will lift the rolls up to truck level, decrease of involvement of humans and make it a safe environment of loading as per OHSAS.


Scissor lift  (6000 x 2500 mm) will be lifted up to 3000 mm height from ground with Paper Rolls with additional Forward and Backward movement of Platform effectively and Tilting arrangement of Platform for direct loading into Truck with no human interface.  

This system was designed and manufactured in a safe and ergonomic route and as per India, as well as Nandan Standards and the equipment, had all safety characteristics to meet customer compliance.


  • Capacity:¬†4000 Kg
  • Max height:¬†3000 mm
  • Platform Dimension:¬†6000/2500 mm
  • The extension (Forward & reverse):¬†2000 with 700 mm flap hydraulic operated
  • Tilting Height:¬†100 mm

Key Results

  • Nandan GSE was able to give a customized solution for easy loading of heavy Paper Rolls without using trolleys and human touch up.
  • No requirement of Pushing of rolls into truck decreases the possibility of accidents.
  • Get rid of injuries due to accidents and make the process faster.
  • Ultimately It improved customer¬†Productivity, Performance, and Safety¬†due to¬†Quality¬†and¬†Reliable solutions.

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