Providing a towable scissor lift for Aircraft Engine Maintenance


  • We were approached by an organization for helping them to improve aircraft engine testing 
  • They needed a solution which could help them in reaching engines & work at height
  • It had to be capable of allowing two personnel to work at any given time & sturdy enough for being safe & not damage the very expensive aircraft engines
  • They also needed the solution to be movable for ease of use 


  • Nandan provided a towable scissor lift with a load capacity of 350kg
  • A working height of 7m was given for their height access requirements
  • The scissor lift was towable in nature to make the movement of personnel much easier
  • Use of high tensile steel for the equipment to be extremely sturdy for safety


  • Ease of access to reach the engines
  • Increase in safety due to the sturdiness of the scissor lift
  • Capability of two people to work together on the aircraft engine at the same time
  • Faster maintenance schedules due to ease of use

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