Self Propelled Scissor Lift for Handling Fragile Products

The Challenges

Nandan GSE was approached by a customer for an equipment to handle their fragile and brittle products inside the warehouse and working area with various functions included and reduced vibrations.

Client: Sandvik Pvt Ltd
Location: Pune
Product Class: Self Propelled Scissor Lift
Type: Highly Customized

Nandan Impact


NGSE absorbed the customer requirement and provided them a unique solution.Designed a sturdy and robust single stage scissor lift which can be driven by using on board walky kit drive at a speed of 3km/hr.As per customer requirement the vibration was totally reduced with smooth hydraulic lifting and electric driving operation.Stainless steel Platform was provided for long life usage and to avoid rust.


  • Capacity :1000kg
  • Maximum height :1260mm
  • Platform dimension :1510/810mm
  • Power source : Electro Hydraulic 

Key Results

  • Client well satisfied with the pollution free green solution
  • Client many needs were solved with this equipment
  • Equipment used with less manpower effort thus accruing manpower saving

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