Enhancing Safety & Efficiency in Tyre Molding Operations By providing a scissor lift


A multinational tyre manufacturing company, renowned for its extensive range of tyres, catering to agricultural, industrial, and off-road applications faced significant operational challenges in its tyre molding system. The system was primarily centered around unloading heavy tires from large machines into trolleys, situated in a 1.9-meter-deep pit. This setup necessitated the movement of tires to different areas, posing several logistical and safety challenges. Read further to know how a scissor lift resolved their challenges.


The core challenge in their operation was the methodology employed in lifting tyres from the pit to the ground level. Initially, they utilized unsafe system, which, while functional, presented numerous safety risks and inefficiencies. The primary concerns were:

  1. Safety Hazards: Handling tires weighing up to 5.5 tons with unsafe systems posed a high risk of accidents. Instances of failure could lead to severe accidents, endangering the safety of the workforce.
  2. Operational Inefficiency: The manual process was not only time-consuming but also labour intensive, leading to increased operational costs.
  3. Risk of increased human error: The precarious lifting methods also posed a risk of increased human error, potentially leading to downtime.


Nandan GSE, in response to these challenges, undertook a comprehensive analysis of the company’s operational processes. The solution proposed and implemented involved the installation of a customized scissor lift. The scissor lift came with customised features, tailored to fit the pit-mounted system. The lift had a versatile range, with a minimum height of 650 mm and a maximum travel of 1.9 meters, accommodating the specific requirements of manufacturer’s operations. The lift system streamlined the process of moving tires from the pit to ground level, simplifying the subsequent transportation to different areas.


The installation of the scissor lift system marked a significant turning point in the company’s tire molding operations:

  1. Dramatic Increase in Safety: The new system eradicated the dangers associated with the previous rope-based methods. The risk of accidents, a major concern with the old system, was substantially minimized.
  2. Reduction in Operational Costs: The scissor lift reduced the the overall operational costs such labour, maintenance etc.
  3. Increased Productivity: With the enhanced efficiency of the tire handling process, the client observed a notable increase in productivity. The faster and safer operations allowed for a more dynamic and responsive manufacturing process.
  4. Positive Long-term Implications: Beyond the immediate benefits, the implementation of the scissor lift system set a new standard in operational safety and efficiency within the company, showcasing Nandan GSE’s commitment to providing innovative and effective industrial solutions.


Nandan GSE’s intervention in the client’s tire molding operations exemplifies the transformative impact of tailored, safety-focused industrial solutions. By addressing the specific challenges faced by the company with a customized scissor lift system, Nandan GSE not only enhanced operational safety and efficiency but also demonstrated the potential for innovative engineering solutions to revolutionize industrial processes.

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