Provision of Truck Mounted Column Tail Lift for the handling of Microcyl Cylinders


Nandan was approached by Tripti gases as they needed an appropriate solution for their lifting woes regarding microcyl cylinders. The microcyl cylinders which are used to carry liquid oxygen were pretty heavy & large in dimensions which made it hard to handle them using manpower. Moreover there was always a major concern over the safety of the people involved in handling of the microcyl cylinders. 


We at Nandan suggested a Truck Mounted Column tail Lift which not only would eliminate the issue of safety concerns but would also reduce the dependency on labor & increase loading & unloading duration which in turn will result in faster supply of cylinders to the hospitals.


  • Faster loading times resulting in better Productivity
  • Safety of handling Microcyl cylinders improved
  • Less dependency on labor
  • No interruptions in operations

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