Providing a goods lift solution to a chemical industry client for their drum handling needs


  • A chemical industry company contacted us for their drum handling problem
  • They were carrying heavy drums from the ground level of their factory to the 2nd floor mezzanine level of the factory
  • The drums were being lifted manually by laborer’s & this was causing injuries, fatigue & in turn delays in operation


  •  Initially, they were asking for a electric hoist lift to solve their issues
  • Once our sales specialist visited their site & understood all their problems, he suggested a hydraulic goods lift instead
  • A hydraulic goods lift was suggested with a self supporting structure & outer cladding due to area constraints 
  • A maximum lifting height of 7.5m with a max load of 2 Tons was suggested & accepted by the client for all their heavy duty lifting needs
  • An additional flame proof system was provided for reducing the risk due to fire hazards in a chemical factory


  • Increase in safety due to reduction in use of labor
  • Reduction in issues due to fire hazard
  • Multiple operations possible in a day due to the use of a hydraulic goods lift
  • The outer cladding provided gives an additional level of safety during the lifting of heavy chemical drums

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