Providing a goods lift for a plastic industry client


  • A plastic industry client approached Nandan for helping them in their material handling requirements
  • They approached us through a very happy existing client 
  • They had expanded their operations & purchased a new building for their manufacturing
  • They needed a solution which could help them transport their goods from the ground level to the 3rd floor level
  • Special emphasis was given on safety & productivity


  • Nandan suggested a Hydraulic Goods Lift for their material handling woes
  • Maximum load capacity of 1.5 Tons 
  • Maximum lifting height of 8.5m which would cover all the 3 floors
  • MS Collapsible gates were provided for ease of access & safety
  • Belt & Pulley system for extra safety
  • A  H Beam structure
  • Interlockings provided at all the landing floors 


  • 100% increase in safety
  • Increase in productivity due to no loss of time
  • Increase in profitability due to less usage of manpower
  • Reduction in damage of goods

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