Portable Truck Loader for handling ATM machines


Nandan was approached by a top IT peripheral company regarding their truck loading & unloading problem. They wanted a portable solution which could be easily used whenever needed for easily loading & unloading their heavy ATM machines off a truck. 

The portability of the solution was very important to them as the loading bay was not fixed. They needed something which would remove the safety concerns out of their operations, reduce the time taken for the process & in turn increase their productivity.


Nandan gave the perfect solution in the form of a Portable Truck Loader which is an in house developed product from Nandan, which is extremely easy to use, has the capability to lift a heavy load & very reliable. We proposed this truck loader which can lift the load from ground level to the truck bed level for easy access to the machinery. We also provided a 24 volt, 225amp/hr battery pack which would be good for 40 operations on one full single charge. The battery pack itself is detachable so that the whole truck loader need not be moved whenever the battery needs charging. 


  • There was a significant improvement in the pace of work due to the truck loader.
  • Operational safety increased exponentially.
  • Decreased the dependency on manual labor thereby ensuring smoother flow of work.
  • Battery operated solution aids in the portability of the truck loader increasing flexibility.

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