A reliable & cost effective solution of lifting of heavy loads from the ground level to the upper level using Nandan Scissor Lift


  • A precision air conditioning equipment & accessories manufacturer needed a solution for lifting their equipment from the ground floor level to the upper floor
  • They needed a hassle free experience & safety was their top priority
  • They needed to replace their two previously purchased scissor lifts with a new 5 Ton scissor lift
  • They were looking to establish a long term relationship with a process-driven professional organization to replace the incumbent supplier.


  • 5 Ton scissor lift given to them for all their material handling needs 
  • The scissor lift would be flushed to the ground when not in operation
  • Movement of regular operations over the scissor lift possible without issues
  • Truck roll over safety provided for extra safety


  • Regular operations not affected due to the scissor lift staying flushed to the ground when not in use.
  • Loading capacity of 5 Tons makes it easier to load & unload larger & heavier loads onto the truck each time reducing the number of cycles.
  • Long lasting & reliable equipment makes operations seamless & cost effective.

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