Truck Loading Platform for Loading & Unloading of goods


The company approached us for a solution for Truck Loading & Unloading for reducing labor , reduce the time taken for loading goods & make the process a lot safer. 

On of the main concerns conveyed by them was that they did not want to create a pit anywhere near their loading area & secondly the solution had to be compact in its dimensions.


  • We at Nandan came up with the perfect solution of a Truck Loading Platform which will be a pit less solution & can be accommodated in the tightest of spaces.
  • A fixed Truck Loading Platform was suggested which will definitely ease the loading process increasing the overall safety levels too.


  • They got the perfect result in the form of the Portable Truck Loader as it was a pit less solution as desired by them & also kept the space constraints into account.
  • Time consumption was drastically reduced thanks to reduction in labor at the time of loading & unloading.
  • The customers Productivity, Performance & Safety was considerably increased due to efficient loading & unloading of goods in the warehouse.

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