Installing an engine test cell platform for the routine maintenance of aircraft engines


  • Nandan was approached by a client for creating an Engine Test Cell platform which would replace their existing platform as it was old.
  • The platform needed to be very sturdy & reliable 
  • The platform needed to have two additional small scissor lifts to facilitate easier maintenance work that needed to be carried out
  •  It should be capable of taking a load of 5 tons


  • Nandan gave a solution of a heavy duty scissor lift for the aircraft test engine cell unit
  • The whole platform is lifted on 4 scissors for robust stability & reliability
  • It has a max lifting capacity of 5 Tons 
  • 16 Ton roll over capacity for prevention of accidents
  • The platform has two maintenance scissors for ease of maintenance
  • The platform is surrounded by railings for safety


  • Increase in safety
  • Easy to operate & reliable
  • Operational speed increased 

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