Installation of a Goods Lift for a well known Beauty & Health care industry provider


A premium Beauty & Health Care manufacturer needed Nandan’s help for their lifting woes from their Ground floor level all the way to their 5th floor level which was 17 meters high. They needed to transport heavy palletized loads of up to 2 Tons easily & efficiently keeping in mind their employees safety as top priority.


Nandan suggested a Hydraulically operated cantilever Goods Lift & the perfect area for the Goods lift installation which would be ideal for loading & unloading of pallets after a detailed survey by their sales engineer. A  2 Ton capacity Goods Lift was provided for a maximum travel height of 17 meters covering the Ground floor right up to the 5th floor of the infrastructure. Vertical landing gates were provided on all the floors with safety interlocks for uncompromised safety & ease of use.


  • Perfect access point for the safe & easy handling of palletized loads
  • 2 Ton capacity of the Goods lift means fewer rounds for loading pallets which in turn increases efficiency
  • Safety & ease of handling of pallets with the additional safety features provided made this the ideal solution for their lifting needs increasing their productivity significantly