Improving the efficiency of a PPE equipment manufacturer using a hydraulic Goods Lift


A global quality manufacturer of neck-up Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) approached Nandan for their goods lifting woes. They have three operational plants around Navi Mumbai and recently launched a fourth one as well to cater to the surge in demand during the pandemic.

They had installed a Hydraulic Goods Lifts 4-5 years ago but after the initial 2 years of operations these lifts started breaking down frequently. The interlocks of the doors stopped functioning & the structure itself became shaky and the cabin no longer moved smoothly on both side guides. The vendor who was initially prompt stopped taking their calls.


This is when Nandan got an SOS call to inspect the lifts and fix them. Our service team, in the middle of the lockdown with a special approval to travel visited the customer site. Despite the very poor condition of the 4-5 year old lifts, we took the challenge to repair and refurbish the lifts by reverse engineering some components and quickly sourcing/manufacturing them. Delighted by Nandan’s service and technical competence, they asked us to take up the design, manufacturing, installation and AMC of 2 new Goods Lifts. Within 4 months, Nandan delivered and installed two lifts – 5 Ton, 19.2 M – twin mast and 2 Ton, 9 M – single mast. These lifts are PLC controlled with all premium functionalities and safety features.


  • Nandan delivered the lifts at a time when they were in dire need of support & hence won the complete confidence of the client.
  • The lift provided by us was PLC controlled with all premium features.
  • Safety was increased exponentially due to the robust nature of the lifts & our timely periodic maintenance schedule.