I for India ride at Adlabs Imagica

The Challenges

Bangera Overseas, one of the leading fishery units was setting up a new plant for fish processig and contacted Nandan GSE for the ergonomic handling of the wet fresh fish. Main criteria was HACCP certification, corrosion resistance, ability to endure low temperatures, etc

Client: Adlabs Imagica
Location: Khalapur, Raigad
Product Class: Theme Park Ride
Type: Highly Customized

Nandan Impact


Nandan was commissioned to design, manufacture and install the ride called I for India which is a glider/flying experience. The said system takes 99 pax up into the air on specially designed structure using highly reliable hydraulics and electrical systems. Once there they watch a movie with a panaromic experience.

Key Results

Nandan GSE successfully designed and manufactured and installed the ride as per client requirement and this ride made people feel paranomic experience in air.

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