A Hydraulic Column Tail Lift fitted onto the back of a truck to facilitate the loading & unloading of medical Gas Cylinders


  • A Japanese multinational industrial gas manufacturer approached Nandan for a a lifting solution for their medical oxygen gas cylinder needs
  • It had to be a solution where the equipment is fitted onto the truck as the operation would be done in multiple locations
  • Increase in safety & efficiency was of utmost importance 


  • A Hydraulic column tail lift was suggested & installed on their truck for the lifting of oxygen gas cylinders 
  • The platform of the column tail lift were given railings on the sides for additional safety
  • The platform was given an additional flap for the easy loading of cylinders with pallets


  • Safety increased due to reduction of manual labor for the lifting of gas cylinders
  • Faster loading & unloading of cylinders increasing efficiency
  • Can be operated easily by the truck driver himself reducing the need for multiple users

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