Hydraulic Column Tail Lift for the smooth movement of heavy material from the truck bed to the ground level


  • A logistics company major approached Nandan regarding lifting of heavy palletized loads which might weigh close to 2 Tons
  • They needed a solution where their truck can easily load & unload the materials from the ground level to the platform bed level of the truck
  • Increasing efficiency & safety in all their operations


  • Nandan suggested them their indigenous Hydraulic Truck Mounted Column Tail Lift as the perfect solution for their lifting woes
  • Designed & manufactured a tail lift according to the special needs of the company which was a requirement for higher loading capacity with a larger platform for lifting palletized loads without any constraint
  • Nandan also added two stabilizers at the back of the truck for aiding in stability during lifting of heavier loads


  • They could lift heavier & larger palletized loads at a single go instead of making multiple rounds saving time, money & effort.
  • Service guarantee & accessibility to Nandan’s wide service network spread across India.
  • Easy to use controller for operating the tail lift without any issues for the driver or operator.

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