Helping a leading producer & exporter of spices in their material lifting requirements using a goods lift


The company which was based out of Bhubaneswar is a leading producer and exporter of spices. The company had undertaken brownfield expansion of their existing facility. The customer was unhappy with the service provided by a leading supplier for their existing installations plus the building was not made of RCC or any load-bearing structure for support.



Nandan provided them with a sleek solution of a Mezzanine Hydraulic Goods Lift. These goods lifts take minimal or zero support from the structure. In a classic self-supporting model, these lifts are optimally designed to ensure maximum space utilization, take heavy loads of 1.5 Ton and operate with heavy duty cycles of up to 20 cycles per hour. The customer was very happy with the fast turnaround time for installation. We also provided Safety interlocks, emergency hand pump, pilot check valves as mandatory safety features with the lifts.


  • Quick turnaround time for installations.
  • Enhanced safety for laborers & less wastage on manual labor.
  • The everyday smooth operations provided by the goods lift saves a lot of time reducing time consumption & increase in productivity.