Goods lift provided for safely moving material across floors



A company manufacturing fire extinguishers contacted us for helping out with their Material Handling Requirements. They wanted to carry Gunny bags filled with powder from the ground floor level to the first floor level safely.


We proposed an outdoor Goods Lift for carrying Gunny bags from the Ground floor to the first floor efficiently.The top priority was safety and speedy transport of goods so that there is minimal loss of time. They were using an Electric Hoist before they approached us which wasn’t effective enough & was high on maintenance. We straight away showed them the huge advantages of a Hydraulic Goods lift & the zero maintenance needed.


  • Nandan’s Goods Lift eliminated all safety concerns involving the handling of goods.
  • The Goods Lift improved their Productivity to a great extent.
  • It saved a huge chunk of time because of faster loading & Unloading of goods.
  • A lot of labor was saved due to which safety & cost effectiveness increased.

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