Enhancing Productivity & Safety for a leading steel manufacturer


  • A leading steel manufacturer, operates a world-class manufacturing plant in Hazira. As part of their commitment to safety, they sought a solution to mitigate accidents during the loading of steel pipes onto trucks at their loading yard.
  • The existing practice of using ladders and manual handling had led to several accidents and injuries.
  • They approached Nandan, a renowned provider of material handling solutions, to address their safety concerns and improve productivity in the loading process.


  • The loading yard at their Hazira plant involved loading operations into 40-50 trucks daily. To secure the steel pipes during transportation, wooden blocks were placed between two layers of pipes at various levels.
  • The use of ladders and manual handling to reach the second layer of the truck posed significant safety risks, including slips and falls.
  • These unsafe practices resulted in accidents, human injuries, and potential damage to the steel pipes.


  • Nandan’s team visited their  Hazira plant to assess the situation and propose a customized solution.
  • After careful evaluation, Nandan recommended the implementation of an Aerial Working Platform (AWP) to safely carry wooden blocks and facilitate their placement on steel pipes at a height of 5.5 meters.


  • By implementing Nandan’s Aerial Working Platform, they successfully addressed their safety concerns and achieved remarkable results in terms of safety, productivity, and operational efficiency.
  • The elimination of accidents, increased loading turnaround time, and improved productivity were crucial in creating a safer working environment and enhancing overall performance.
  • This case study showcases the importance of leveraging innovative and customized material handling solutions to achieve safety goals and optimize operations in manufacturing facilities.

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