Enabling the smooth transportation of Elephants using a Truck Mounted Ramp


One of India’s leading animal welfare boards wanted to make a truck to ferry a full-grown elephant along with its calf safely across long distances. The truck should be capable of loading & unloading the elephant & its calf safely with easy controls for operating smoothly


We selected the right vehicle – a 28T GVW Eicher vehicle with adequate carrying capacity for Mahout Cabin, Water Tanks and carrying 2 elephants. The Axle configurations and ROH were also chosen appropriately for safe climbing of the elephant onto the truck. We specially designed a robust ramp of 6 Ton capacity and 3 folds using advanced hydraulic systems that we designed, manufactured and installed in-house at Nandan factory. The ramp operates on a single button to open itself and slide out in stages to deploy on the ground surface. The self-supporting legs give it additional support and the rough surface avoids animals from slipping while climbing. The gradient is moderate to allow an elephant to climb easily. The ramp also serves as the rear door of the truck in a closed position.


  • Easy operations possible making it easier for the operator to control the ramp & reduce the need for multiple handlers.
  • Special focus on safety of the Elephant for climbing the truck was aided by a the moderate gradient provided for easy access
  • Robust & Reliable design for a long lasting & efficient life cycle of the product.