Providing Safe & Easy movement of goods across floors for a cold storage facility


A cold storage facility provider inaugurated their new facility consisting of 7 floors with provision for 4 goods lifts.  In 2019, they had approached Nandan GSE to provide a suitable solution for two Goods Lifts. However for cost considerations they chose to install conventional Wire Rope Lifts that were available at half the price of a Nandan Hydraulic Goods Lift.

Within 3 months of installation, these lifts created problems for the operators with frequent breakdowns including breakage of wire ropes which were of a leading OEM. During one such breakdown the cabin came crashing down squashing a consignment of grapes. Thankfully there was no loss or injury to human life. They tried to fix these lifts through the vendor and other service providers, but no one was able to do it. These Wire Rope Lifts continue to operate with lack of any safety measures.



They wanted to install one more lift for which they approached no one apart from Nandan GSE. After doing a site survey, we realized that their shaft space was limited. We used our design skills to carve out the best possible usable space for easy movement of pallets up to 2.4 T capacity and 2.5m high.


Nandan’s single cylinder cantilever hydraulic goods lift is now helping them to load an entire container within 60 minutes. The lift travels up to a height if 22m & performs duty cycles of 12-15 times per hour and is operated for up to 15 hours per day. This lift has all the safety features including overload protection, safety interlocks with doors for lift movement, high capacity motor and power-pack for heavy duty continuous use, pilot check valves and hand pump for emergency operations.


  • Uninterrupted working of the lift resulted in no loss in time & profitability.
  • Safety of the operator & laborers is ensured all the time due to reliability & safety of the lift.
  • The high loading capacity of the lift ensured maximum loading capacity for a pallet which ensured less usage cycle of the lift.